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This is a one-stop shop of downloadable resources from across our Energy and Water section for use in Queensland by community services sector workers and household consumers. Bookmark this page as we will be updating on a regular basis!

Fact sheets

QCOSS has developed these fact sheets to answer common energy and water concerns. These resources can be accessed online or printed for external use.

Can't pay an energy bill?

8 tips for getting on top of your bills

Concealed water leaks

Information about hidden water leaks

Getting a better electricity deal

Compare offers and find the electricity plan fits your budget

Water information for tenants

Some tips and information about your rights as a tenant

Can't pay a water bill?

8 tips for getting on top of your bills

Electricity information for on-supply customers

On-supply arrangements are common in parks, boarding, and other living arrangements

Energy saving tips

Save costs by using less electricity with these easy hints

Electricity information for tenants

Some tips and information about your rights as a tenant


Identifying concealed leaks

This printable resource can be printed and displayed in your centre or service. It gives a simple overview of concealed leaks, how to check for one, reading your meter, and what to do if you identify a concealed leak.

Free online training course – Understanding energy in Queensland

As you may already know from working with your clients, the energy market itself can create or exacerbate vulnerabilities and hardship. Bills can be difficult to understand, and the factors contributing to the cost of electricity can be wide-ranging.

This free course on our Community Door eTraining platform examines the energy market in Queensland, looking at the supply chain, consumer rights and responsibilities, understanding usage, reading bills, and concessions and hardship provisions. It was developed by QCOSS, with the support of the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Public Works.

You may also wish to consider embedding this course in staff induction processes at your organisation.

Videos for clients

These quick instructional videos can assist you to explain aspects of the Queensland energy and water markets to your clients.

Electricity bills: Calling your retailer

Can't pay your electricity or gas bill?

Water bills: Advice for Landlords and Tenancy Managers

Water bills: Advice for Tenants

Concealed leaks: What should I do?

Concealed leaks: How to check if you have one

Energy webinars

These informative on-demand sessions are free and available to view now.

By understanding consumer protections in the context of real cases, you can improve your ability to support people with their bills and to confidently speak with energy retailers on behalf of your clients. At our webinar hub, access webinars on:

  • Recent Cases in Energy Disconnection and Hardship: Understanding Customers’ Rights
  • Understanding and accessing Queensland energy concessions, rebates and grants.
  • Access our energy webinars

Water webinars

Are you a property manager, landlord, or tenant and unsure about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to water charges in Queensland? Do you need help accessing hardship measures? At our water webinar hub, we examine:

  • Rental water responsibilities and how to fix problems with your energy or water provider
  • Living affordability and essential services | Creating a fair water bill hardship system
  • Water charges: Rights, roles and responsibilities for tenants
  • Water charges: Rights, roles and responsibilities for landlords
  • Fair access to water.
  • Access our water webinars


Have you found these resources useful? Do you have some suggestions for improvements or alterations? Are we missing something?

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