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Recent Cases in Energy Disconnection and Hardship: Understanding Customers’ Rights

By understanding consumer protections in the context of real cases, you can improve your ability to support people with their bills and to confidently speak with energy retailers on behalf of your clients.

In this on-demand session recorded you will be taken through three significant recent cases of retailers being found to have breached customer obligations including:

  • Energy Australia – failure to protect hardship customers
  • Origin – alleged unlawful customer disconnections
  • AGL – alleged wrongful disconnection of vulnerable customers
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Understanding and accessing Queensland energy concessions, rebates and grants

This webinar is essential knowledge for those who support people with their energy bills and financial wellbeing. In this session a panel of experts examine:

  • Queensland’s energy concessions, rebates and debt reduction grants, and key eligibility criteria
  • How to access these for people you are supporting, including some key challenges and how to solve them
  • Renters eligibility for these supports.
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Water charges: Rights, roles and responsibilities for tenants

In some instances, landlords can charge tenants for water use. If not managed correctly, this process can lead to bill shock, debt and tenancy disputes.

If you work with tenants who pay their landlord for water costs, QCOSS, Tenants Queensland (TQ) and QShelter unpacked some of the complexities around water billing in this session.

Expert speakers explain tenants’ rights and obligations when it comes to water charges, troubleshoot common issues experienced by tenants and share tips on how tenants can reduce their water costs.

Water charges: Rights, roles and responsibilities for landlords

If you are a landlord who passes on water costs to your tenants, it can be confusing to know what your obligations are. If you are a community housing provider, additional complexities arise depending on whether you own and manage your residence, or whether you are managing a residence on behalf of the government.

QCOSS, Tenants Queensland (TQ) and QShelter lead this session, which was designed to give landlords and community housing providers clarity around their rights and obligations when it comes to water charges.

Expert speakers discuss common water billing issues, share tips on how to reduce water costs and advise you on how to help your tenants manage their water costs.

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