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Mental disorders are a leading cause of disability in the population. They comprise conditions such as dementia, depression, substance use, anxiety disorders and many more. Mental and behavioural conditions continue to be more common amongst women than men.

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Mental health issues

Mental health issues don’t discriminate, and the issues affecting Australians are as diverse and varied as our community.

20 per cent of Australians will be affected by a mental health issue this year, so staying mentally fit is just as important as being fit physically.

This section gives an introduction to some of the most common mental health issues, and where you can look for more information.

If you are looking for general information, Head to Health offers resources for all people and life stages, including youth, seniors, health professionals and those living in remote areas. It also provides information on how to seek support and how to support someone else.

Mental health reform

Mental Health Act 2016

The Mental Health Bill 2015 was passed by Queensland Parliament on Thursday 18 February 2016, enacting the Mental Health Act 2016.

Passage of this Bill has cleared the way for Queensland to undertake its biggest mental health reform in 15 years.

The Act represents a major step forward for patient rights, strengthens the role of family and support persons for patients and better aligns the legislation with superior clinical practice.

It also includes major reforms about how people who may have a mental illness are dealt with before a magistrate.

A range of new measures will now be introduced which will ensure improved outcomes for mental health patients across the state.

For more information see the Queensland Mental Health Commission website.

Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan

The 2018-2023 statewide strategic plan sets the direction and priority areas for government and non-government organisations to make a positive and long-term difference to the mental health and wellbeing of Queenslanders.

Developed by the Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMHC), Shifting minds: Queensland Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategic Plan 2018-2023 sets the five year direction for a whole-of-person, whole-of-community and whole-of-government approach to improving the mental health and wellbeing of Queenslanders.

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