Survey invitation to Queenslanders living with disability

Queensland Government media release

Queenslanders with disability are invited to have their say on their experiences, successes and challenges as part of a ‘Voice of Queenslanders with Disability’ survey.

Now in its second year, the survey aims to help government, business and service providers to understand what is working in different areas – such as employment, getting support, and health and wellbeing – and enhance services and programs.

The survey will find out how different areas are changing over time.

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) is working with Griffith University to collect the information, which will be published in an annual report showing trends on the social and economic participation of people with disability, and their experiences of services.

Last year’s survey showed life had improved for one in three Queenslanders living with disability, their family and carers, compared to the previous year.

The Queensland Government’s annual investment of almost $2.5 billion is a key driver of improved outcomes, with the number of National Disability Insurance Scheme participants in the state forecast to grow to over 200,000 people in the next decade.

By conducting the survey annually, it is expected to show over time where the lives of people with disability in Queensland are improving, while monitoring progress of actions under the Queensland Disability Plan 2022–2027: Together, a better Queensland.

Questions are based on the seven outcome areas of Queensland’s Disability Plan: employment and financial security; inclusive homes and communities; safety, rights and justice; personal and community support; education and learning; health and wellbeing; and community attitudes.

For more information about last year’s report, click here.