Supporting young people with Youth Housing Essentials

The Queensland Government’s new Youth Housing Essentials product supports young people who are moving from government services or accommodation to independent living.

Youth Housing Essentials can cover the costs of one-off essential goods and services, such as:

  • furniture, fridge, washing machine and other essential home items
  • education or work necessities such as school stationery and work clothing
  • transport and moving costs, such as vehicle registration, Go-Cards, removalists and identification
  • mobile phone and pre-paid phone credit.

To access Youth Housing Essentials, a young person must be supported by a government agency, service provider, support agency or Housing Service Centre – they can’t apply for Youth Housing Essentials without support.

Youth Housing Essentials is an action from Towards ending homelessness for young Queenslanders 2022-2027, the Queensland Government’s commitment to improving housing outcomes for young people.

To apply for Youth Housing Essentials on behalf of the young person you’re supporting, complete this referral form and email it.

For more information on Youth Housing Essentials visit the website.