Seniors warned to be on the lookout for scams

Queensland seniors are warned to be alert to scam websites or text messages when shopping online for bargains this holiday season.

Scammers are mimicking popular Australian fashion and footwear labels and paying for their fake websites to be at the top of online search lists, the National Anti-Scam Centre has warned.

Scam websites may try and charge an application or priority fee or ask for multiple forms of personal identification including your bank details.

Many of these websites look legitimate, but once people enter their information it can then be used for fraudulent activity.

The Queensland Government funds critical services to prevent Elder Abuse, including $7.2 million to provide Seniors Legal and Support Services in 16 locations around the state which provide social support and legal advice.

In addition, a Scams and Fraud Awareness service is delivered through the Seniors Enquiry Line (1300 135 500).

If you believe you have encountered fraudulent activity of any kind, you can report it at www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam.

Seniors who have already made a payment to a scam website should contact their financial institution and report a fraudulent transaction. A list of current scam warnings is available here.

The Seniors Card is free of charge and applicants are never asked to pay a fee or provide personal identification such as bank or credit card details.

If you need to apply for a Seniors Card it is available directly from the Queensland Government, and there are a number of ways to apply, including: