EOI extended: Intensive On Country program trial

The Queensland Government Department of Youth Justice (DYJ) is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) to deliver the new Intensive On Country trial.Connecting to culture can be both protective and support rehabilitation and improved life outcomes for First Nations young people who have offended. The Intensive On Country trial will provide a longer residential cultural program that expands on the current On Country program that began in 2020.Building on learnings from the current On Country initiative, Intensive On Country will provide an intensive cultural residential program for longer periods and/or more often, with education and training opportunities and family support, including support to improve protective factors and reduce risk factors.A key area of focus will be ensuring there are linkages between Intensive On Country and education, training, employment or other supports when young people return to community so that offending is prevented, and young people are supported to be productive. Involving families is also important both for engaging in programs, sustaining changed behaviour and improvements over time and as such, in-home family support to ensure parents and carers meet the daily living needs of young people and improve safety conditions and a stable home life is a feature.The Intensive On Country programs will also deliver a wider range of supports to young people and their families, to deal with a range of welfare and support needs that can be impacting them and contributing to offending in their young people, including mental and physical health, substance misuse, relationship with social media and accessing accommodation.As cultural connection is central to the Intensive On Country trial, a mandatory requirement of the procurement process for the new program will be that the service is delivered by, or in partnership with, an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisation.DYJ are seeking organisations or individuals that can provide a property and/or a program for Intensive On Country that addresses the key goals outlined above to make an expression of interest. This includes anyone that can also provide not just a property or Intensive On Country Program but also be able to provide education, employment, training or other support programs as part of Intensive On Country.The Intensive On Country trial will be procured though a two-step process – following the EOI stage, DYJ will then proceed to invitation to offer, and this will include engagement with traditional owners in the relevant locations.Expression of Interest applications are open now and close 2:00pm AEST on Wednesday, 20 March 2024. To apply, visit the EOI on the QTenders website.