Blue card: No card. No Link. No Start.

You can link new blue card holders to your organisation before they start child-related activities by using Blue Card Services’ (BCS) Organisation Portal, or via the paper link form.

“Linking” a card holder means that organisations will be notified of any important changes to a card holder’s status. These kind of changes include if an employee’s blue or exemption card is suspended or cancelled due to a change in police information.

Card holders and applicants are monitored daily by the Queensland Police Service and if there is a change in a person’s police information, Blue Card Services are notified and will assess their eligibility to continue to hold a blue card. If your organisation has not linked the person, BCS will not know to tell you if the card holder is no longer eligible work with in child-related employment. This puts the children in your service environment at risk, and puts your organisation at risk of referral to the Queensland Police Service for investigation.

Read more about linking requirements or organisations obligations.