Resource: Justice Connect’s suite of volunteering guides, templates and tools

National Volunteering Guide 

Justice Connect’s comprehensive National Volunteering Guide is designed to help your organisation make sense of complex laws. The guide is divided into six parts so that you can find the information you need quickly:

  1. Introduction – what the guide covers
  2. Volunteer, employee or independent contractor – the legal differences between a volunteer, employee, and independent contractor
  3. The volunteer relationship – recruiting, inducting, managing performance, and ending the relationship
  4. Volunteer safety – your organisation’s responsibility regarding negligence, work health and safety, managing risk, insurance, and child safe standards
  5. Unlawful workplace behaviour – protecting volunteers and other people your volunteers interact with from behaviour such as sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and victimisation
  6. Other legal issues – intellectual property, privacy, and record keeping

Working with Volunteers Tool 

Justice Connect’s free, online tool is designed to be used alongside the National Volunteering Guide. It’ll help you understand more about volunteer recruitment, safety, unlawful workplace behaviour, and managing performance or ending the volunteer relationship. Taking roughly 20 minutes, the tool asks you a series of simple questions – in plain English – and gives you tailored information for your not-for-profit.

Sample Volunteer Agreement or Deed of Agreement 

These templates will help your organisation prepare a volunteer agreement or deed of agreement.

Engaging and working with youth volunteers 

This guide provides an overview of the legal issues you need to consider when engaging, managing and protecting volunteers who are under 18-years-old.