Queensland Small Business Strategy 2024-27 launched

The Queensland Small Business Strategy 2024-27 has the voice of small businesses at its core, with almost 2,000 small businesses, industry representatives, peak bodies and key stakeholders providing input during an extensive consultation process. Based on this vital feedback, the Queensland Government’s three-year strategy will address four key areas:

  • Lowering costs for small business
  • Boosting opportunities for small business
  • Building resilience, capability and workforce
  • Growing diversity.

The new strategy helps to lower costs and ease cost of living pressures on small business, as well as boost productivity and maximise procurement and supply chain opportunities for small businesses available as part of Queensland’s infrastructure Big Build of housing, energy, hospitals, schools, and transport.

The plan supports small business by also addressing the key challenges business face, including concerns around operating costs and increasing the skills and capabilities of small business owners and their workforce to enable them to innovate, adapt, grow, and thrive.