More support to tackle domestic and family violence in the Budget

Tackling domestic, family, and sexual violence has been given a major uplift in the Queensland Government’s 2024–25 Queensland Budget.

Announced on the final day of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May, the $154.4 million funding surge will see $36 million go directly to frontline DFSV service providers every year, which equates to a 20% uplift in core funding.

The money will go to the DFSV sector to support frontline services and violence-prevention programs and follows on from the Queensland Government’s financial boost of $36 million in April, taking total funding to $154.4 million over four years.

Since 2015, the Queensland Government has invested $1.9 billion in trying to end all forms of domestic and family violence.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and the Coroner’s Court have also received timely boosts to help alleviate increased demand on their services.

QCAT will receive almost $70.1 million over five years to ensure it is better equipped to provide accessible and inexpensive civil dispute resolution for Queenslanders.

This substantial funding increase, which includes 60 new FTE positions, will help meet growing demand.

QCAT’s capabilities will be enhanced across the State, with additional decision-making members, hearings and circuits of the tribunal in regional areas, as well as improved videoconferencing facilities and transcription services.

Queensland Government media release

The Queensland Government has committed an additional $3 million in capital funding over two years to support the growth in the tribunal and increased funding of $20.1 million will be injected per annum into QCAT from 2028-29 to sustain these enhancements to its services and staffing.

The Coroners Court of Queensland will be given a $3.129 million boost over the next four years by the Queensland Government to deal with an ever-increasing workload.

This will go towards new and expanded positions within the court to support the State’s 10 coroners.

The Queensland Government will also spend $816,000 over the next four years to establish an employee wellbeing program to proactively manage the risks around vicarious trauma.

Beenleigh and Townsville Courts will receive almost $28 million and $7.5 million respectively, to alleviate pressures associated with high demand.