Resources: Conflict resolution fact sheets for small businesses

Queensland small businesses are facing significant challenges, including rising operating and insurance costs to managing priorities and staffing. These pressures can lead to conflicts, with customers or within the business.

The Queensland Small Business Commissioner’s (QSBC), Assistance team specialise in helping small businesses resolve disputes caused by conflict. Here are a few tips to manage business conflicts effectively:

  • Your approach matters: how you handle business issues greatly impacts the outcome.
  • Conflict is inevitable: disagreements will happen, but they don’t have to get ugly!
  • Clear communication: address issues as they arise and avoid ignoring them or being confrontational.

The Assistance team is dedicated to helping small businesses ‘talk it out’ to better understand their situation and find solutions they can work with.

Visit the QSBC website to download easy-to-read fact sheets on common dispute topics. If you need further assistance, contact the Assistance team during business hours, Monday to Friday on 1300 312 344.