Human Rights

Case Study Library

These examples showcase some of the many examples of good decision making, where human rights proper consideration has positively influenced real decisions made by services. Name and location details have been anonymised to protect the identities of individuals.

Example #1: Property allocation

A crisis housing provider has a vacant three-bedroom property. They need to allocate it to a family and must decide between two families currently receiving homeless support services.

Example #2: Notice to leave for rental arrears

A housing provider must decide whether or not to issue a notice to leave and defer a rental debt.

Example #3: Supporting domestic and family violence

A crisis accommodation provider needed to decide whether to continue to provide support for an individual experiencing domestic and family fiolence.

Example #4: Considering an eviction

A housing provider had to decide whether or not to enforce a Notice to Leave directive.

Example #5: 'Growth strategy'

When developing a new growth strategy, a housing provider needed to consider the human rights of those impacted by its implementation of the strategy.

Example #6: Right to health services

A housing provider considered moving an existing tenant to enable accessible health care for another.