Youth and Family Services (Logan)

Youth and Family Service (Logan City) Inc – have developed their YFS Service Delivery Handbook, published in 2012, which they would like to share with the Sector.

Youth and Family Service (Logan City) Inc. (YFS) is a community based, not-for-profit organisation, providing planned, innovative and people focused services to people in Logan City and surrounding areas.

We offer many different services, from legal advice to disability support; from counselling to help finding work.

Part of the intricacy of the way YFS works is the way our philosophies, values and frameworks underpin our work.  This service delivery handbook aims to outline some of the thinking behind YFS services.

As well as working with people, YFS actively urges governments, businesses and community organisations to respond to people's needs and support them to make the most of opportunities.  YFS has released this handbook with these thoughts in mind. 

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