Youth Futures Summit 2020

The Youth Futures Summit is a week-long virtual event, on 24-28 August 2020, that will bring together thousands of people from diverse sectors and communities.

The event seeks to understand and explore the problems and challenges young people face today in education, employment, and transitions from education to employment.

The summit will:

  • Draw together thousands of people from multiple sectors and communities that are reflective of the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs that make up all of Australia
  • Be co-presented, co-attended and shaped by young people
  • Deep-dive into the challenges and identify what the solutions should be
  • Explore a number of different areas from education, youth mental health, the Australian economy, training, job services, young workers’ rights, and what the future of work will look like.

To find out more or pre-register for tickets visit the website.