Workshops: Supporting multicultural communities to live well

Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland’s Chronic Disease Program supports communities with culturally appropriate information and assistance to live health lifestyles, and prevent or self-manage chronic disease.

Its team deliver education sessions in community languages or simplified English on health eating and nutrition, physical activity, chronic disease education and prevention, the dangers of smoking, and understanding the Australian health care system.

Culturally tailored resources are available for communities including:

  • Pacific Islander communities and Australian South Sea Islander communities 
  • Sri Lankan communities 
  • Arabic Speaking communities 
  • Afghan community 
  • African communities 
  • Bhutanese community 
  • Myanmar community
  • Vietnamese 

For more information or enquiries about our resources or having these workshops delivered to your communities, please contact Ms Hong Do at 07 3255 1540 or email. Visit the ECCQ website.