Webinars: Building strong boards through succession planning

Strategic thinking about succession planning is essential for building a strong board.

Through effective succession planning, communities ensure smooth leadership transitions and maintain effective governance. This supports self-determination and enables communities to take control of their governance structures and decision-making processes.

This two-part series on Wednesday, 6 September and Wednesday, 20 September will lead participants through practical exercises and reflections to guide governance succession planning in their own organisation. Attending both sessions is recommended, which include:

  • Part 1: Using a skills matrix
  • Part 2: Strategic planning reflection

These webinars are presented by Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI), in partnership with QCOSS. AIGI is dedicated to promoting good governance practices within Australian Indigenous communities. Our mission is to empower boards and organisations, fostering effective governance and self-determination.

All community organisations are welcome to participate.

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