Webinar: Understanding cultural humility and safety

Cultural humility is a practice of self-reflection – it is an ongoing process of self-exploration and self-critique, balanced with a willingness to learn from others.

QCOSS has partnered with Wise Australia to deliver two training modules to support the sector to work more in collaboration with First Nations people, and to understand factors that continue to impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This workshop on Tuesday, 6 December from 12:00pm to 2:30pm (AEST) will delve into discovering our own bias and take us on a journey in strengthening our cultural capability and approaches to community, First Nation clients, colleagues and employees.

Hosts will:

  • consider cultural safety in the context of specific service delivery areas, including disability, housing and homelessness, and aged care
  • examine the ongoing impact of colonisation
  • challenge stereotypes
  • consider how the Human Rights Act and human rights respecting policy and practice can support cultural safety.

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