Webinar: Trends shaping the changing future of the non-profit sector

The recent release of Salesforce.org’s 4th annual Non-profit Trends Report contains fresh insights from 1,250 non-profit leaders from around the world, shedding light on a new set of post-pandemic trends.

From the evolving role of non-profits and a stronger focus on mental health and wellbeing, to a shift in acceleration priorities and the role of technology in funding and managing their missions, these trends will undoubtedly permeate the challenges and opportunities that nonprofit leaders can expect across the sector in 2022.

Join Sterrin Bird, Nonprofit Industry Advisor at Salesforce.org as she deep dives into these trends and shares advice on how Nonprofit organisations can keep ahead of the challenges and opportunities to maximise impact in 2022.

When: Thursday, 10 February 2022

Where: Online

Price: Free

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