Webinar: The role of men in preventing domestic violence

Where do we start in bringing men into a space that for so long has been considered ‘a women’s space’? How do we gently motivate good men to #besomeonewhodoessomething and recognise their capacity to contribute to positive cultural change? How do we mobilise these men to create change, redefine what it means to be a ‘good man’ and build the courage to do so?

Beyond DV and MATE hosted this web event to discuss the many ways men can positively contribute to the elimination of violence against women.

The webinar included guest speakers:

  • Matt Brown from “She is Not Your Rehab”
  • Brad Chilcott, White Ribbon Australia
  • Lloyd Clarke, Small Steps 4 Hannah
  • Michael Jeh, MATE Bystander Program
  • Kay McGrath, host and Chair of Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council.

Tune in below: