Webinar on-demand: Evidence-informed decision making

The child, family and community welfare sector is increasingly being asked to use evidence to inform their decisions about service and program design and delivery to support better outcomes for children and families. Research evidence can be integrated with other sources of evidence such as practitioner expertise and client experience to implement an evidence-informed approach to decision making in practice.

Presented by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, this on-demand webinar examines:

  • introduced frameworks and evidence about what helps to support research use within organisations
  • discussed the barriers and enablers of integrating research into practice and provide examples of approaches to support evidence-informed practice
  • provided examples of how organisations and practitioners have successfully combined research evidence with other types of knowledge to create impact or change.

This webinar is designed for program planners and practice managers involved in practice and organisational decision making. Practitioners looking for opportunities to strengthen evidence-informed decision making in their organisation, and researchers wanting to improve implementation of research findings will also find it useful.

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