Webinar: Mission-aligned hiring for employee retention

For-purpose organisations can sometimes find it hard to source and hire people who are as passionate about their missions as they are, often resulting in employee retention issues.

It’s also important to ensure that new hires have the skills to do the job well, and not just have a burning passion for the mission on its own. But how do you get the balance right?

Our Community has teamed up with Applied for a special webinar that explores this balance and walks you through how to build an inclusive and effective recruitment process that echoes your mission and amplifies your values.

In this free webinar hosts will show you how to redesign hiring to be more equitable.

  • Step 1: Redesign Hiring
    Change the system to use the most effective assessments
  • Step 2: Attract Diverse & Passionate Candidates
    How to advertise your job to increase diversity of hires by reducing bias
  • Step 3: Spot aligned candidates with the right skills on day one
    How to write work samples that provide mission alignment.

Applied’s webinars are designed to be jam-packed full of free, practical tips and methods that you can implement in a practical way straight away.

When: Tuesday, 31 August from 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Cost: Free

Register here.