Webinar: Member Disputes & Conflict on the Committee

Conflicts and disputes can be stressful. Healthy debate is good for your organisation, but if a conflict or dispute is preventing your organisation from achieving its goals, you need to know how to handle it effectively. Understanding the law involved will help your organisation achieve the best outcome.

In this webinar on Tuesday, 28 February from 12:45pm – 2:00pm (AEDT), Justice Connect will explain strategies to help prevent conflict arising and to help resolve it when it does.

Hosts will cover:

  • What are some common disputes involving members and board members of not-for-profit organisations
  • Why are these disputes often so damaging?
  • What processes are available to help resolve the dispute?
  • What processes are available to discipline a member who is misbehaving?
  • How can your rules or constitution help?
  • Where to go if you need more help to resolve the dispute?
  • How can you prevent disputes arisingĀ in the first place?

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