Webinar: Lessons learned from switching to technology during the pandemic

With the first COVID-19 lockdown, human-centred service delivery shifted almost overnight from chiefly in-person to online. For the most part, the implications of this shift have been profound and permanent.

At this COVID-19 Learning Exchange hosted by QCOSS, hosts will examine how technology has been used by the sector – both before and during the pandemic – and consider what has and hasn’t worked well.

For users, the digital divide has significantly affected who can access and therefore benefit from online services. Futhermore, while meaningful online social interactions are possible, there are aspects to in-person interactions that cannot be replicated digitally. However, online service delivery means organisations can see more clients and, with travel no longer an issue, there has been a reduction in no shows and cancellations.

QCOSS will look at these aspects of service accessibility and service user engagement and examine what effect very quickly adapting to a different delivery model has had on the social services sector workforce.

Hear from the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health who have worked with the Brisbane South PHN to evaluate the pivot to online service delivery from community mental health services in the Brisbane South PHN catchment area.

This event is part of QCOSS’ COVID-19 Learning Exchange which asks, in the context of COVID-19, what does it take to create a strong and sustainable service sector to respond to the needs of our community?

When: Monday, 9 August 2021

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Location: Online

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