Webinar: Discussing delegated authority in the Child Protection Act

Since 2017, the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (DCYJMA) have been working to deliver on opportunities for First Nations people to not only participate, but also have control over the decisions affecting their children.

The intention is that by delegating these functions and powers over time, DCYJMA will be contributing to reducing the disproportionate representation of First Nations children in the child protection system.

This will happen in part by delegating the Child Protection Act 1999 functions and powers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to a chief executive of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation.

DCYJMA are undertaking a targeted consultation process and are specifically seeking input from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entities, non-government organisations and government organisations who are partners and/or supporters in providing child protection responses to children and families and have an interest in delegated authority.

Join this QCOSS Human Rights in Action session on Friday, 2 September from 1:00pm to 2:00pm to learn more about delegated authority, the human rights impacts, the consultation process, and for an opportunity to feedback your questions and concerns.


  • QCOSS Human Rights Lead, Meg Martin
  • DCYJMA Executive Director, Delegated Authority, Helena Wright

Your voice will help inform QCOSS’ submission. Public submissions close Wednesday, 14 September at 5:00pm.

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