‘We the Differents’ supporting young people to maintain their engagement with education

Helping a young person to recognise the difference between normal feelings of worry and deeper feelings of anxiety can be so important when it comes to supporting them in dealing with the pressures of school.

Your support can go a long way in helping a young person to understand what’s going on for them and in seeking the assistance they need.

To support you in your important work, the Queensland Government has developed some resources that help young people recognise when their normal feelings of worry might be escalating into anxiety and give them some simple steps they can take to help them feel calm.

The We the Differents website provides resources to help young people who have disengaged or are at risk of disengaging from school. This site is a hub of information, tips, ideas and experiences to empower young people to make the most of their education, stay engaged, find support, or find their way back into education.