Uniting’s Energy Efficiency Program assisting households to save money

We know there are a growing number of people facing energy challenges through COVID-19, from affordability to needing to better heat or cool their homes where they are spending more time. People need strong supports and solid referral pathways.

Uniting have recently received funding that means they are now able to support Queensland households with their energy use and bills. It’s energy advisors work with people to assess and understand the energy use of consumers, and identify actions they can take to reduce energy consumption.

For convenience, appointments are available in your own home or over the phone.

Services that energy advisors at Uniting may provide during an energy efficiency appointment include:

  • Assisting people to read and understand their utility bills
  • Assisting people to negotiate affordable payment plans including applying for concessions and other debt-relief measures
  • Providing advice on using appliances in ways that can reduce bills and increase comfort
  • Referring people to other support services
  • Assisting people to access their retailers hardship programs to ensure they get the extra support they need

The Program is a free service for households who are facing challenges with their energy costs.

Over the past 20 years, thousands of households have benefited from the program. On average, households can save about $350 on their electricity bills in the first year after a consultation from one of Uniting’s energy efficiency experts.

Uniting is a not-for-profit, community services organisation that’s worked alongside local communities across Victoria and Tasmania for over 100 years. It delivers a broad range of services in the areas of disability, mental health, crisis and homelessness, financial well-being, early learning and employment.

You can get in touch with Uniting’s Energy Efficiency team via email, or contact Matt on 0466 949 826.