Townsville, Cairns and Mount Isa residents can now apply for Engine Immobiliser vouchers

Queensland Government media release

The key has officially been turned on the highly anticipated Engine Immobiliser Trial, with eligible residents in the trial areas of Townsville, Cairns and Mount Isa able to apply for a $500 engine immobiliser subsidy voucher from today.

Engine Immobiliser installers are also invited to make their final registrations from today.

We know secondary engine immobilisers add an extra level of protection for car owners and will help police in the fight against property crime.

The initiative is set to provide vehicle owners in Mt Isa, Cairns and Townsville with an additional option to increase the security of their vehicles at a subsidised cost.

Up to 20,000 engine immobilisers are expected to be installed across the trial areas, with 9,000 subsidy vouchers available in Townsville, 8,000 in Cairns and 900 in Mt Isa.

A further 2,100 vouchers will be reserved for distribution to people across the three trial areas identified by police as individuals who would benefit from the installation of an immobiliser device (for example a pensioner who was unaware of the availability of the technology).

Eligible residents and Engine Immobiliser installers across Queensland who wish to be part of the subsidy trial are invited to register by visiting this website and following the prompts.