Temporary changes to Personal Protective Equipment under NDIS

Queensland COVID-19 restricted areas direction for disability accommodation services

Due to recently announced cases in Queensland, from 22 August 2020 extra restrictions have been put in place for disability accommodation services in listed Local Government Areas.

To protect our most vulnerable, the ONLY people who can enter a disability accommodation service located in the listed Local Government Areas are:

  • disability accommodation service staff (including administration staff, cleaners, tradesman, gardeners and maintenance)
  • volunteers
  • persons delivering goods and services (including food deliveries)
  • health care workers (including doctors, nurses, allied health and pharmaceutical staff)
  • people the operator of a disability accommodation service has granted permission to enter to provide support to a resident
  • people providing essential disability support
  • emergency workers and police
  • a visitor who is providing end-of-life support.

Disability accommodation service operators must make sure, as much as possible staff do not work across multiple disability accommodation services.

Anyone entering a disability accommodation service must wear a single-use face mask.

Changes to personal protective equipment (PPE) under NDIS

In response to this Direction, changes have been announced to the NDIS that extend the temporary PPE measures already in place in Victoria and New South Wales to Queensland. The temporary changes will apply in restricted areas of Queensland and allow:

  • NDIS participants to claim the cost of personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, for use when a worker is with them
  • NDIS providers to directly claim the costs of PPE for workers from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

What does this mean for participants?

NDIS participants in restricted areas of Queensland who rely on face-to-face supports and assistance with their daily living will be able to use an existing support item (Low Cost Disability-Related Health Consumables) to claim on the cost of PPE for their own use at times their worker is with them.

What does this mean for providers?

The changes will also enable providers in restricted areas of Queensland to claim an allowance of $1.70 per hour of support delivered in the Activities of Daily Life Support Category, to cover the cost of PPE for workers, directly from the NDIA. This will ensure participant plan funds are not impacted by the use of PPE by their providers and workers.

Providers will be able to claim for costs that they have incurred for delivering daily living supports since the new Disability Accommodation Services Public Health Direction came into effect at 8:00am on 22 August 2020.