Survey: Voices of Queenslanders with Disability

Queenslanders with Disability Network and Griffith University are inviting you to have your say in the Voice of Queenslanders with Disability survey.

Your responses will help to guide what is happening across the 7 areas of improvement in Queensland’s Disability Plan 2022-2027, including:

  • jobs and money
  • inclusive places
  • safety and rights
  • good supports
  • education
  • health, and
  • community attitudes.

This survey will bring information together across multiple areas for the first time, enabling governments, businesses, non-profit organisations and communities to know what is working well and what needs to be improved. Future surveys and reports will determine whether things are changing overtime for people with disability in Queensland.

This is a chance for us all across the sector to add our voice. The survey is open to people with disability, their family members and carers, disability service providers, and peak disability organisations in Queensland.

Responses close Friday, 10 March. Find out more.