Survey: First Nations Capacity Mapping

Australian Progress are undertaking a First Nations Capacity Mapping project to consult and hear from a diverse range of First Nations organisations and people. The goal is to analyse what’s needed to strengthen First Nations advocacy capacity.

If you are a First Nations person, the project would love you to take the Capacity Mapping survey here by Thursday, April 29. If you are a non-Indigenous person, the organisation are asking you to share with your First Nations colleagues and networks.

The survey takes five minutes, and the goal is to get an initial understanding from First Nations people on needs and ideas for:

  • Capacity building, both organisational or personal,
  • Training opportunities, and
  • How we can collectively create black spaces, networks, and support for organising.

The survey will be followed by other communications from Australian Progress, such as email, phone call or an invitation to join a focus group. Complete the survey.