Supporting people with disability to get and stay connected

Digital connection is vital to the continued well-being of Queenslanders with disability, especially in the current COVID environment. Many vulnerable people with disabilities do not have access to contemporary smart phones, tablets, or computers and/or the knowledge of how to use them. Connection for people with disability is key to accessing up-to-date information, essential services like food and medicine, and health care at home.

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) and partners GIVIT, Volunteering Queensland (VQ) and QUT have launched the AAA Digital Inclusion Project – supporting people with disability having user-friendly, fit-for-purpose devices, data, knowledge and skills to be able to connect to and be included in the digital world.

The program is focussing on:

  • Access to devices – Working with GIVIT to find donated devices to match with people with disability that need them
  • Affordability – Giving information about options for affordable and sustainable data packages to be able to use devices long-term
  • Ability – Building skills and knowledge to know how to use technology with a key focus on accessing information and services during an emergency or disaster, staying safe online, social connectedness, and confidence in using the device.

The project team, including Peer Digital Champions, are able to assist people on a one-to-one and/or small group basis; including working with Neighbourhood Centres and Volunteering Queensland to deliver co-designed workshops run by people with disability for people with disability.

QDN and partners are available to assist and support immediately in Ipswich and Brisbane, and services will also be rolling out during the next couple of months on the Gold Coast and Townsville.

People can be referred directly by calling QDN’s free number at 1300 363 783, or by providing the team with some initial information through an online form here.

If you have some resources you could donate to the project, you can access the GIVIT appeals page – their device requests and needs are outlined here.

Find out more about the project here.