Sexual Violence Awareness Month

Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVA Month) is held during October each year to:

  • raise community awareness about sexual violence
  • promote the support options available to people affected by sexual assault and sexual abuse
  • uphold a clear message that sexual violence will not be tolerated in our communities.

Events and activities are held by many support services across Queensland during October to raise awareness of sexual violence. Register your event with the Queensland Government, or find an event near you by browsing the calendar, which also includes other events held throughout the year.

If you have experienced sexual violence – or someone you know has – help and support are available.

  • The Queensland Government funds sexual violence support services that can provide you with immediate and ongoing support to improve your personal safety and ensure you have access to the healing, justice and support that you need to recover.
  • The Queensland Sexual Assault Network is a network of non-government services that provides specialist sexual assault counselling, support and prevention programs in Queensland.
  • On this website you can find additional information about sexual violence including how to support a victim, how to recover if you have experienced sexual violence, and how to report it.