Resources: Maintaining a blue card register

Blue Card Services is often asked by organisations using the Organisation Portal if they still need to maintain a blue card register.

The Organisation Portal is a record of the active blue card holders and applicants linked to your organisation. You do not need a separate register of your blue card holders as the Organisation Portal is a live record.

However, you will need to keep a record of people in your organisation who rely on an exemption to work with kids. These exemptions include:

  • volunteer parents
  • registered health practitioners
  • registered teachers
  • volunteers under the age of 18, and
  • people who don’t meet the frequency.

If you are using the Organisation Portal as your employee register, consider developing policies and procedures to reflect that the card holder has been linked. For example:

  • does your organisation have an employee starter checklist to record the link and / or valid card confirmation has occurred before the employee has started working?
  • does your organisation have an employee exit checklist for when a blue card holder has left your organisation and has been de-linked from the Organisation Portal?

Organisations are able to export their employee register from the Organisation Portal into an Excel document. This information can be transferred into the template employee register for those people who rely on an exemption to work with kids.

Blue Card Services has developed resources to assist, including: a template employee register to help organisations who are not using the Organisation Portal record their employees details; and a checklist and action plan template to assist organisations check they meet each of the 8 mandatory requirements of their child and youth risk management strategy.