Resources: Fact sheets on financial hardship, contracts, and salespeople

The Logan Financial Literacy Action Group has developed fact sheets explaining financial hardship, contracts, and what your rights are if a salesperson knocks on your door.

Financial hardship can be caused by a range of circumstances including illness, loss of work, and a health pandemic like COVID-19. The reason you are in financial hardship does not affect your right to ask your credit, telephone or utility provider for help. Download the fact sheet to find out what sorts of things you can ask for if you are under financial hardship.

A contract is a formal agreement between two or more people (consumers) or businesses (traders) which is a legally binding agreement. It can be verbal, but some contracts must be in writing. Download this fact sheet to find out what your obligations are, what you should look for, and what to do if you don’t understand the terms and condition.

If a salesperson approaches you without your invitation, away from their normal place of business, and they sell you something, you’ve made an unsolicited consumer agreement. Download this fact sheet to find out what conditions salespeople need to operate under, your rights, and how to end an agreement during the cooling off period.