Resources: Domestic and family violence and the workplace response

Increasingly, organisations are developing and implementing good policy and practice that provides victim-survivors of domestic and family violence (DFV) with leave and a range of other practical support strategies.

However, people who perpetrate DFV may also be present in our workplaces. DFV policies must also recognise and respond to these employees.

QCOSS and DFV Work Aware partnered to deliver a workshop for workplace leaders that analyses what makes good DFV organisational policy, including how to support victim-survivors of DFV in the workplace, how to respond to employees who perpetrate DFV, and policy responses.

The six workshop recordings are available on-demand now at the Community Door YouTube channel. A suite of supporting resources is also available at our Domestic and Family Violence section, including guides for workplaces, Human Services Quality Framework resources, risk management, and templates.