Resources: Multilingual Glossary of School-Based Terminology

The Queensland University of Technology have developed an online “Multilingual Glossary of School-Based Terminology” – available here.

This website provides a multilingual glossary of school-based terminology in English and four key community languages: Arabic, Kurdish Kurmanji, Portuguese, and Swahili. These languages are the home languages of many recently-arrived families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds whose children are attending Queensland schools, and schools across Australia.

The multilingual glossary includes words and definitions in the five languages and is designed to promote two-way communication between school personnel and multilingual families. This site presents the multilingual glossary as well as an overview of the research study and the processes of developing the glossary.

In addition, a list of online resources is provided which will be useful for the Queensland Department of Education, school systems, schools, and community organisations in their communication with multilingual students and their families.

Access the resource.