Resources: Are you ready for storm season?

QCOSS has been talking to community organisations who undertook invaluable work to support their communities during the floods earlier this year. Many organisations reported that they weren’t prepared for such an event, and had to deal with significant challenges during this time which impacted their service delivery.

Given that Queensland is in for another spring and summer of higher than average rainfall, it is important for community organisations to be prepared and have a disaster plan in place.

QCOSS has compiled resources which provide disaster preparedness and recovery information. Some of these resources are aimed at supporting organisations and businesses to ensure they are ready for natural disasters.

Other resources below can be shared with community members and service users to support them to prepare for future disasters, or to help them recover from a disaster.

  • Queensland Government’s Get Ready Queensland has a variety of resources to help businesses ensure they are ready for natural disasters with a disaster plan that helps minimise financial damage and outlines continuity.
  • Queensland Government’s Preparing for disasters outlines how to prepare an emergency plan, prepare for evacuation and what you should have in your emergency kit.
  • Queensland Government’s Business Queensland has a guide which contains useful information to help your business prepare for a natural disaster, as well as individual checklists for specific natural disasters.
  • Queensland Government’s Disaster Hub has a variety of resources aimed at supporting communities and individuals affected by the floods. Topics covered include: rebuilding and cleaning up, support for people with vulnerabilities in disasters, support for not-for-profit organisations, mental health and wellbeing, physical health and wellbeing, housing and accommodation, and money and finances.
  • Good Shepherd Microfinance has a Money Ready Toolkit to help people become financially ready for disasters.
  • Australian Red Cross’s Resources to help you: A host of useful emergency management resources that can help if you want to prepare for disasters, have experienced a disaster or are recovering from a disaster.

The Queensland Government’s Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy outlines disaster support for councils, and helps to support a decision about the need for activation of personal hardship assistance for your community.