Queensland consumers urged to shop around for better electricity deals

The Queensland Consumers Association is advising consumers in South-East Queensland to shop around now for a better electricity plan from their existing, or another, electricity retailer.

Association spokesperson Ian Jarratt says that the huge jumps in power prices on 1 July, means that consumers should shop around now to try to get a deal that best meets their needs.

Now that the new prices charged by all retailers are available for comparison, energy consumers should use the federal government’s free, independent comparison website, Energy Made Easy. It contains information about the plans offered by all electricity retailers operating in South-East Queensland.

Consumers should also check their eligibility for the Queensland Government’s $372/per year electricity rebate, access to which will also result in them getting a higher one-off cost of living rebate – $700 rather than $550 – being paid to energy users across the state this year.

People experiencing problems paying their electricity bills as a result of an unforeseen emergency or a short-term financial crisis that has occurred within the past 12 months may also be eligible for one-off emergency assistance from the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS) to help to pay home energy bills. Up to $720 can be paid once every 2 years.