Q+A: Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative

Delivered through the Queensland Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025, the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI) was established to accelerate the delivery of 6,365 new social homes, through a $1.813 billion investment in a 4-year, integrated capital investment program across the state.

The Queensland Government is seeking partnerships with individuals, organisations, developers and housing providers to deliver more housing for those who need it.

The QHIGI is being delivered through 3 funding initiatives:

  • Housing Investment Fund – funding partnered projects to increase social housing and additional affordable housing supply.
  • QuickStarts Qld – a capital investment program to accelerate planned acquisition, new construction, and redevelopment opportunities to deliver new homes sooner.
  • Help to Home – a partnership with property owners, landlords and registered community housing providers (RCHPs) to deliver private rental outcomes to people who are eligible for social housing.

How to get involved

There are different procurement stages for each initiative, which starts with a pre-lodgement process. This allows you to provide an overview of your proposal and allows us to ensure it is targeted to the most appropriate funding initiative. Read through the Resources section to see the procurement process for each initiative. You can apply to multiple QHIGI initiatives. You can also offer multiple properties or proposals through each of those initiatives.

To complete the form, you will need to register through the SmartyGrants submission portal. It’s easy to use and allows you to save your form at any point before you complete and submit. If your property or proposal arrangements proceed through to future procurement stages, you will not have to re-register or re-submit information you have already provided.

Applications provided through other channels will not be assessed.

Briefing sessions

Please find below information from those sessions, including a recording from one of the virtual sessions, a copy of the presentation and a consolidated summary of questions raised at the briefings:

More sessions will be coming up during 2022. You can also ask the QHIGI team a question for support or direction.