Public Trustee enchancing The Steps to Financial Independence Pathway program

Since the launch of the Public Trustee’s Steps to Financial Independence Pathway in October 2020, it’s goal has been to empower people to gain the skills and information to manage their finances either independently or with limited support. The Pathway provides practical guidelines to support Trust Officers to educate, support and empower people to manage their money at a greater capacity.

The Steps to Financial Independence Pathway is tailored to the goals and needs of each customer along with regular review and evaluation of progress throughout the program to ensure every customer reaches their individual goals.

The Public Trustee is now partnering with local community financial literacy and resilience service organisations around the state through the Queensland Government’s Financial Resilience program to enhance referral pathways for it’s customers.

The Pathway generally takes twelve months, and we will help to gather the evidence required to complete a Declaration of Capacity – if a person is seeking control of all of their finances.

The Public Trustee has developed a suite of resources to support customers and their support networks to understand and navigate their way through the process, available on the Public Trustee Steps to Financial Independence Pathway webpage. People wanting more information about the Steps to Financial Independence Pathway are encouraged to speak with their Trust Officer.