Productivity Commission report into Mental Health released

The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission has publicly released it’s final report on Mental Health. The inquiry examined the effects of mental health on people’s ability to participate and prosper in community’s across Australia and in the workplace, and implications more generally for the economy and productivity.

At a glance, the report makes recommendations to the Australian and State and Territory Governments to improve the mental health of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, working with people who have experience of mental illness, and with their families and carers.

Recommended reforms extend across workplaces, schools and universities, the justice system, community groups and services for healthcare, psychosocial support, and housing. These include:

  • Focus on prevention and early help – early in life, early in illness
  • Provide the right healthcare at the right time for those with mental illness
  • Make sure effective services support recovery in community
  • Provide seamless care, regardless of the level of government providing the funding or service

Read the report in full here, or download the overview. You can also visit the Productivity Commission’s website for more.