Plain English COVID-19 vaccination resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Queensland Health has produced a Plain English COVID-19 Vaccination Information Deck aiming to answer many of the questions and concerns posed by members of our culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The slides examine vaccine safety concerns, a definition of who the official health authorities are, how the vaccines work, who can and cannot receive the vaccine, how to book, and many more. Many helpful videos and links are also included.

Access the latest version of the Information Deck here.

A plain English fact sheet outlining how a person can register for a COVID-19 vaccination is available here.

Health authorities have provided the following advice for using the deck:

  1. Make sure you have the most up to date version of the Plain English COVID-19 Vaccination Information Deck – it changes frequently! (Access it here. Other resources are available here.)
  2. Depending on your community needs and time available, pick and choose slides that are relevant and tailor the message to fit what is needed.
  3. Contact the CALD COVID Health Engagement Project workers for advice and support in delivering this information here.
  4. It is often helpful to have a clinician who is comfortable working cross culturally and has some knowledge of COVID-19 and the vaccines to answer questions people may have. If you need support to find a clinician, please contact the CALD COVID Health Engagement team and they will try to assist.
  5. Plan and deliver the information in a way that suits communities (E.g.: online session, face to face workshop, video in language). The presentation is best delivered in language with clinician support but if this is not available, in English with an interpreter.