Nominate: Queensland Volunteering Awards 2022

Across the state, volunteers showed up in their thousands to help friends, neighbours, workmates, family, and local businesses and community organisations – informally and formally. Thousands more have and continue to donate money, goods and services to help those affected.

As we move from response to recovery from this destructive event, we reflect on the extraordinary, heroic efforts of countless Queenslanders who helped save lives and property, kept our communities connected and are assisting with the massive clean-up, repair and rebuilding of homes and infrastructure.

The 2022 Queensland Volunteering Awards, managed by Volunteering Queensland, are an opportunity to recognise and thank these selfless, inspiring heroes as well as other volunteers, managers of volunteers and volunteer involving organisations whose exemplary volunteering effort, service and contribution deserves to be acknowledged.

Nominations close at 5:00pm on Monday, 4 April 2022. Find out more or nominate here.