No Card, No Start laws starting soon

From 31 August 2020, new laws will apply to organisations, paid workers, business operators and volunteers. These changes will strengthen and streamline the blue card system.

No Card, No Start will mean that paid workers must have a blue card (not just a pending application) before they can work with children.

People with paid applications in progress when the policy starts will be able to continue working while their applications are assessed.

Volunteers, trainee students and people running regulated child-related businesses already need a blue card before they can start working with children.

To support the introduction of the No Card, No Start policy, Blue Card Services is working on a number of streamlining initiatives. Once finished, this will mean:

  • applicants will be able to apply online through a new process
  • organisations will be able to use an online organisation portal to manage their blue card records more easily.

The Queensland Government has developed resources to help you prepare for these changes.

In the meantime, Blue Card Services remain available to help organisations and individuals with their blue card needs. You can sign up to Blue Card News to stay up to date, orĀ visit the website.