New resources on child sexual safety

Australian Government funded parenting website, raisingchildren.net.au has launched a range of free resources for parents and professionals working with parents on child sexual safety.

The ten new articles are designed to help keep children safe by providing information on topics including how to talk to children and teens about sexual abuse, recognise signs of grooming, and access helplines and services.

“It can be hard for parents and carers to raise difficult topics with children but there are some conversation starters that can help,” says Professor Julie Green, Executive Director at raisingchildren.net.au.

“The raisingchildren.net.au article on talking to children about child sexual abuse discusses how to explain to children the difference between ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ secrets, and to talk to children about the way their body might react if they feel scared or unsafe,” she said.

The resources were developed to provide easily accessible, free information on child sexual safety and contain evidence-based information along with links through to helpful services and support.

The new articles are:

  • Child sexual abuse – what it is
  • Child sexual abuse – talking to children
  • Child sexual abuse – talking to teens
  • Preventing child sexual abuse
  • Signs of sexual abuse
  • Signs that someone is involved in child sexual abuse
  • Child sexual abuse – what to do
  • Grooming signs
  • Child sexual abuse help and support for children
  • Child sexual abuse helplines and services

To access the resources visit the website.