NDIS: Updated operational guidelines on assistance animals

The NDIS has published a simpler and clearer to understand guideline on assistance animals including dog guides.

The new guideline describes:

  • what an assistance animal is
  • how the NDIS makes reasonable and necessary decisions regarding funding for assistance animals, including dog guides
  • what information it needs to decide if it can fund an assistance animal
  • how participants can access funding in their plans for these supports
  • examples of when it would fund an assistance animal

The NDIS has also released updates to the ‘would we fund it?’ guide to clarify how assistance animals, therapy animals and pets and companion animals are funded:

The Assistance Animals assessment template has also been updated to help guide requests for assistance animal supports.

The way the NDIS makes decisions to fund assistance animals has not changed. These resources were created to help you understand how it makes decisions about assistance animals including dog guides supports.

You can provide feedback on the guidelines by emailing the NDIS here.

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