NDIS: Faster access to minor home modifications

It is now easier and quicker to get the minor home modifications you need.

You no longer need to give the NDIA quotes from your builder if your home modifications are non-structural and under $20,000, unless you live in a remote or very remote region where a quote is still important to help the agency set the right budget for you.

The NDIA has published budgets for minor home modifications based on market rates, so you can work out how much your home modifications might cost, and find a provider who can complete the modifications within the budget.

You will need to get an assessment to help it decide if the home modification meets the NDIS funding criteria.

The type of assessment you need is different depending on the cost of the minor home modification.

  • Category A – If the home modification is less than $10,000 and doesn’t involve changes to the bathroom floor, you can get an assessment from your OT.
  • Category B – If the home modification is $10,000 or more, or involves a change to the bathroom floor, you will need an assessment from a home modification assessor. This is an OT who is qualified to assess more detailed home modifications.

The NDIA’s Our Guidelines – Home modifications have been updated to reflect these improvements.

Read the media release to find out more.