“My life in care”: Child Safety survey

Got something to say about your life in care? Child Safety is asking children and young people in care to do a survey about life in care. This survey is for young people aged 10 – 18 years old in the guardianship of the Chief Executive or where their guardian has consented.

The “My life in care” survey will ask questions about your life in care, like how you feel about where you live, how school is going, and how often you get to see family and friends.

Completing the survey will help Child Safety understand what they’re getting right, and what needs to change to improve life in care for children and young people.

You’ll receive information about the survey by mail and through your Kicbox account. And you’ll get a gift card as a thank you for completing the survey.

The online survey is open until Thursday, 30 November. Find out more.