Mandatory use of Check in Qld app in Disability Accommodation Services

From 1:00 am on Friday, 9 July, use of the Check In Qld app became mandatory for a number of new sectors, including all shared disability accommodation services.

The use of the app will only apply to visitors, volunteers and contractors. The use of the app will not apply to residents or staff. Information about the changes is available here.

Under the Disability Accommodation Services Direction (No. 19), a shared disability accommodation service is defined as a service where:

  • four or more people with disability reside with people who are not members of their family; and
  • the residents share enclosed common living areas within the facility, whether inside or outside; and
  • the residents are provided with disability supports within the facility.

Extensive questions and answers have been published on both the Queensland Health website and the Unite and Recover COVID-19 website.

In addition, information relating to the COVID Safe Checklist and COVID Safe Event Checklist is available on the Queensland Government COVID-19 website.

For more information about the changes and the Check in Qld app, please visit the COVID-19 Check In Qld app site.